November 2013 News Letter

Dear Pr Ed, family, friends, and prayer partners:

Well here we are back in Africa. After traveling through 27 States this past summer with Pastor Tony Vaz, our Church told us we were to take three months off. Did we ever need it! And we were obedient to this…..most of the time. We only did a couple three (maybe four) more presentations, visited Barb and Skeeter Was in Vancouver, WA and checked out some solar panel options for the radio station. It was a good thing we were somewhat rested up because we arrived home in Gabu (after a 2 day journey) to find a hungry young couple standing in our veranda needing a place to stay. Needless to say, the pantry was almost bare. Have you ever had mushroom soup with corn and garbanzo beans? It was actually quite good. Hunger is the best sauce, I always say. This young American couple was here from the neighboring country of Guinea Conakry scouting out places for their church to send missionaries. Please pray that much good for the Kingdom would come from their work.

We’ve been in country about 20 days and, so far, have hosted 15 people most of whom have been doing short term missions. They are from all over including Indonesia, Germany, Guinea Conakry, Senegal and, of course, America. I am glad we were rested. John is down with malaria, but is recovering rapidly. The malaria is vicious this year and many people are quite sick with upset stomachs and lung congestion along with the usual aches and chills. For awhile John lost his voice and was squeaking around. If your sick, you may as well be entertaining too. As a nurse, Gillie has been inundated with the ill. Please pray for our health and for strength to those who are treating the ill. Beyond that, pray that the malaria vaccine would become available to this count

PTL! The much needed (larger) guest house on the Jericho Base is scheduled for completion this year. More and more people are coming to stay for the short term and for education. PTL! All the funds have been donated. However, we are still in need of some skilled people to help out in a timely fashion. Please pray for an electrician and a plumber to come along side us in this project. We won’t turn down others such as roofers, carpenters, painters, etc. Our current guest house is getting a coat of paint in a few days. It really needs it. I can hardly wait.

Also please pray for these other project needs to be completed:
Doors and windows for the Cambajaba church.
Do the documents and build a church in Kuton.
Build the School in Sincha Butche
Work on the school and church in Che’ Che’
Finish building Pr. Tony Vaz’s Church.

PTL! The Radio Station is completed! All we need now is the final licence and we are ready to broadcast. However, the employees of the interim government that we have right now either don’t know what they are doing or are trying to hold out for more money or are just “having fun” jerking people around. All documents and construction have been completed but they are stalling on releasing the licence. Please pray that the Radio licence would be given soon.

The country of Senegal, just to the North of us is now requiring a visa from Americans. In the past we have freely traveled there to do banking, get medical care, and obtain provisions. We’ve tried to get a Visa on line. They tell us to go to the Senegalese Embassy. The Senegalese embassy says we have to pre apply on line and then to to Mbour at the other end of the country. Mbour says they do’n’t give out visas. The on line site does not work. Etc. Etc. Etc. Please Pray that this would get straightened out.

Elections are scheduled for next Spring. Pastor Ze Palo, who was head of the country’s largest church, quit his position several years ago and, went to college in Portugal to obtain a law degree in preparation for running for President. He is a wonderful Christian man, well qualified, and morally upright. Just exactly what this country needs. Please pray for his victory and safety. Being a politician in this country usually means a short life expectancy. He has already had several threats.

Please pray against the spirit of division that is working overtime against the Christians here in Guinea Bissau. There is much “He said…” She said…” No I didn’t…’ ” Yes, you did….” type of thing going on. It is impossible to get to the bottom of things so we know it is from the enemy. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly place. Ephesians 6:12.

It is no wonder that the enemy is working so hard against us Christians. Last week we had a short term team return from working with the Podjadinka. for a week. They saw the early church in action with many miracles, healing and casting out of demons. There were exactly 100 conversions, 99 from the village along with their taxi driver. Now there is a desperate need for disciplining these new Babes in Christ. Please pray that a Pastor or Missionary couple would be called to serve there.

The southern part of our region is mostly unreached. The last of the 7 Jericho project villages, Madina Boi, is located there. We have been invited to establish a church there but is it very remote and we have no one to send. We were going to visit there last week but John got sick. We just heard from someone traveling that road and their car got stuck in mud holes several times. Please ask the Lord of the Harvest to send workers to this area.

Please ask God to bless Pastor Raul. He has been serving the church in Sonako for several years. Over a year ago the man in the US who was supporting him passed away. This has been a terrible hardship on Pr. Raul, his wife and young daughter. However he has remained faithful to God’s call upon his life and the Church is doing well and growing.

You know you’ve been in Africa too long when:

The day’s entertainment consists of watching the trucks try to get out of the big pot hole in front of your house.

The evening’s entertainment consists of watching the neighbors chase a huge pack rat around trying to kill it.

May the Lord richly bless you for all of your prayers!

Your Sister in Christ,

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