January News Letter – 2012

African Update, Dec. 29, 2011

Dear Pastor Ed, Family, Friends, and Prayer Partners,

Happy New Year! 2011 has been an action packed year for us and Servants to Missions. I was able to come over to Africa for the first three months. ((just enough time for me to remember most of the language I had forgotten)

And then back to Idaho to Daddy sit. (Actually he is doing quite well for 93) John joined me in July and we took several forays across the US contacting churches, organizations, and individuals involved with the work here in Guinea Bissau. Then we would rush back to Idaho to check on Dad’s care. We even managed to get in our son’s wedding. (What a wonderful new daughter-in-law!) John returned to Africa in November and I joined him in December. Unfortunately we didn’t have near enough time nor energy to see everyone that we wished. Which brings me to our first prayer point.

We are considering splitting our time equally between the US and Africa. Many of the Nationals are trained and doing well with out our continual involvement. That way we can focus on generating support for their needs in the U.S. Please pray that we use our time wisely according to God’s plan for the work here.

PTL! The Bible School is up and running!

Construction of the classrooms is essentially completed and they are furnished with the desks chairs and equipment sent on the container which FINALLY arrived….Another PTL! We held our first conference there earlier this month. What a sense of accomplishment and completion! It was so fulfilling to see all of the people coming and learning how to spread the gospel by telling the Bible Stories orally. Everyone was so excited as this is the way their culture operates. We have observed many who are out using their training to reach others.

Please pray for the academic success of the current students and that God would bless them with productive ministries. Also please pray for the upcoming classes that God would call and prepare the hearts of those who will be attending. Last newsletter we asked for prayer for funds needed to build the Bible School office. PTL! The funds have been donated.

The Radio Station is much closer to completion. Masons are out doing finish work on the building even as I type. The broadcast equipment is supposedly sitting in customs in Bissau and we will be trucking after it Tuesday. Funds for the tower and the generator have come in. Now it’s

Just a matter of getting them all here and together Please pray that all the pieces for this radio project would come together.

More PTL’s The foundation for the Guest Housing is being poured and another church is scheduled for construction in Camajaba where there are already 30 believers The container has been such a blessing. We are having such fun handing out Bibles and evangelistic tools. Our store rooms are bursting!

Please pray for the country of Guinea Bissau

. Many of the crops have failed and crime has escalated dramatically. One of the churches has been broken into and everything but 15 chairs and the pulpit has been stolen…..even the drapes were taken. Now the Pastor sleeps there every night. People are getting hungry and desperate. Politically there is a lot of unrest. No one knows for sure if he President is alive or dead and the military were taking shots at each other a few days ago. Lots of rumors. It is all quite entertaining if one is not caught in the cross fire.Please pray for the following needs


$20,000 to finish the STM Guest House

$15,000 for the multipurpose center (for hosting conferences and concerts)

$20,000 to build a shop in which we hope to have classes in welding, auto mechanics, construction, and tailoring Our goal is to to train converts so that they can survive the shunning of their families and tithe to the church for it’s support.

$12,000 to ship another container with more materials.

Churches and individuals willing to help in pastor support.

We are faced with a major challenge of providing housing for

Bible School students who want to attend from remote areas.

Our goal is to build dormitory facilities on a separate piece of

land that we already own. This is a major project. We would

really appreciate your prayers in this matter.

Teams to come and do construction projects.

Funds to be able to buy fuel for the generator to run the radio

station on a monthly basis.

Continue to pray for the work in the north. We have lots of material

that needs delivered to the workers there.

One of our dear friends went to be with the Lord in late August this year. He was a big part of the work here and in the north. He is greatly missed here, but I think there was a big party in heaven when Eliot O’Brian came home and Jesus said “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

You know you have been in Africa too long when your only concern upon hearing about the latest coup is if it is safe enough to go into town to buy butter.

May you have a delightful New Year and may God richly bless and protect you. Many heart felt thanks for all that you do for this country and the spread of the Gospel here.

You Sister in Christ,

Rachel Hiskey

Servants to Missions

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