September’s News Letter

Dear Pastor Ed, Family, Friends, and Prayer Partners,

Imagine that there was a deadly plague sweeping the country and it was 100% fatal. Due to the recommendation of a very influential friend, you were selected to be immunized. As many of the regular medical personnel were already dead, you were given a brief training on how to give injections. Then you were given a large supply of the vaccine and told to go out and immunize as many as you could. When you rushed out to distribute the vaccine you were totally mystified at the reactions you encountered. Some said they were busy and to “come back next week.” Others refused because of the discomfort they thought they might experience. Some said the vaccine was only a placebo and there was no such thing. Many insisted that there were other ways to avoid the plague. Some were so angry that they slammed the door in your face and even threatened to kill you. Only a very few were receptive.

After becoming quite discouraged, you talked with others who had been immunized. They told you that you needed to study the policies and procedures manual more before offering the vaccine. So you joined study groups and read the manual each day. Some claimed they had had much success so they had written step by step books on how to immunize effectively. You soon had a whole collection of these on your book shelf. Strangely, all this expertise only made you feel ever more inadequate. Of course, as you searched for more effective ways to get people to accept the vaccine, you developed friendships with the other immunizees and soon were involved in frequent potlucks and outing to discuss you ambitions and plan strategies for inoculation. All this activity was very time consuming and exhausting. Then, one day, you realized it was too late, you couldn’t even remember the last time you had immunized someone, and all the uninjected were dead.

Life is fatal. Everyone will die without the saving knowledge of Jesus. He told us to go into all the world and make disciples. You are entrusted with the lifesaving “vaccine” What are you doing with it?

The time is short. During my last trip to Guinea Bissau, many Muslims came up to me and told me “Jesus is coming back soon.” I discussed this with the pastors there. They said even the people in the most remote villages where only spirits were worshipped were all saying that the end was coming soon.

Enough preaching! Here’s what’s been happening. John came back to the States in May and we actually were able to spend some precious time with family and each other. Our travels were not as far reaching as in other years. Sorry if we did not get to see you but our families needed us. Now John is back in Africa. He flew over on 9/11 on an almost empty plane. I am here in Weiser, Idaho continuing to care for my father. Please pray for us as this separation is difficult. Also please pray for wisdom and safety for John. The world is becoming much less friendly.

The second of three Inductive Bible Study training sessions started today. Please pray that the pastors will find this session as valuable as the last one was. After the conference, construction will resume on the Bible School/Teacher College and base housing. We have three very good teachers for the Bible School. Please pray that the Lord would clear the way, especially with their school age children so that they would all be able to serve.

Barb and Skeeter Wass are in the midst of their teacher training classes for the rainy season. They are expecting their first grand child in November and returning in Oct. to be there for this grand event. Please pray for God’s provision so that they might have the means to return to Guinea Bissau and continue the educational system they have developed. Foreign money is now pouring into the country which is building many private Muslim schools. Please pray that this funding would cease and that Christian education would flourish.

Judy Byers just returned to the U.S. Her sister has terminal cancer and Judy is very ill. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort and healing in her life.

A friend of ours from another African country was severely beaten when it was found that he was a Christian. He will be coming here in October to get medical care for the injuries he received. He is also hoping to be able to speak in American churches. I will be hosting some of his travels. Please pray for God’s provision and healing in his life along with traveling mercies.

I will be going to Mexico in October for the opening of the first Masters Bible College which will train educators to provide training in Guinea Bissau and many other third world countries. Please pray for our safety and for the long term success of this College.

Yeah! Our web site is being updated. Still in process but much better. Check it out at

For a great website (my son is developing it) and a great story (I wrote it) about Aissatu, see The World Wide Christian Network, and then click on “Angels Among Us”. Please pray that the Lord would raise up many people to follow in her footsteps.

Keep on praying! “Deliver us from evil”!

Your Sister in Christ,

Rachel Hiskey

Servants to Missions


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One Response to September’s News Letter

  1. Denise (Davis) DeLeon says:

    Hi Barb and Skeeter. Hope this still finds you both well. Haven’t seen you since your boys were pre-school age and you are now grandparents… where does the time go? Bill and I moved to Spokane and divorced in 1990. I have been married and divorced again since that time. I have 2 lovely daughters, an adopted daughter and 2 wonderful grandsons. I now live in Ohio with my 89 year old mother and youngest sister. Your mission work sounds wonderful. I am finally in a position to go to Nicaragua next year for some mission work. Being retired has some blessings. God be with you.

    Denise (Denney Davis) DeLeon

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