Pastor Seco

President E.B.T.O.L. Bible School

Pastor Seco was raised in a Muslim home along with his 5 brothers and sisters. At an early age, he was sent to Koranic School where he was taught to serve God according to Islamic ideas. His dream was to become a man of respect in the Muslim community.

At age 15 he met a team of missionaries doing evangelism in Gabu. There he heard God’s word for the first time in a different way. After reading some tracks they gave him , he felt a leading to accept the truth that was written there. He became one of the first Fula converts. He attended Sunday School secretly for a while until he had the courage to tell his family about his conversion. When they were told, Seco was rebuked and told that he was going to be thrown out of the home. He continued to go to church and study his Bible.

In 1993, he went to YWAM, in Gabu, to do Discipleship Training School and at that time felt called into God’s ministry. In 1996, he had the opportunity to go to Brazil to finish his education and in Dec. of 2002 he received his Bachelors of Theology. He also completed courses in International Evangelism, Adult Literacy Training, and a course in English. He was offered a lucrative position at that seminary but told them God had called him to bring the gospel to his own people.

He returned to Gabu, Guinea Bissau in Feb. of 2003. He has subsequently founded a church that is growing rapidly and has started a Bible School for pastors and short term workers plus he is teaching adult literacy and Portuguese. He is also holding an underground Bible Study for Muslims who are afraid to share their conversion with their families.

His vision is to share God’s word to the Fula people, to train workers to reach the unreached, and to teach believers and unbelievers so that they can read the Bible.

He is having a real impact among the Fula Muslims in Guinea Bissau.

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