Pastor Kousiassi Kouadid (Sylvain)

Pastor Kousiassi Kouadid “Sylvain”
Daughter: Olympia
Son: Enoch
Son: Elisha

Sylvain currently pastors the Assembly of God Church in Dara, Guinea Bissau which he started on year ago. Currently there are about 25 people who attend regularly. Born in l969 in the Ivory Coast, he was dedicated to the Lord before his birth. After having several daughters, his mother was in despair as her husband was threatening to take another wife. She promised to dedicate the next baby to the Lord’s service if she could only bare a son. Sylvain is the result of that prayer and the fulfillment of this righteous woman’s promise.

By l983, Sylvain accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and he was baptized in the Evangelical Church of the Ivory Coast in l986. That same year he began his work in church planting. By 1992 he started his education in Biblical Training and went on to take additional courses through YWAM in Burkina Faso and Togo on Discipleship Training and Church Planting.

He was married in 1994 and God called him to Guinea Bissau in l995. where he continues to work successfully in church planting. In l998, when the war broke out in Guinea Bissau, he took his wife and children back to the safety of his family in the Ivory Coast. He then returned alone to the war torn country to serve where his felt God had called him. Unfortunately, his wife found another man and she and Sylvain are currently separated. We are praying for reconciliation. Now alone, Sylvain cares for his three children, works to find sufficient funds to feed them, and continues pastoring in the village of Dara.

His vision is to reach more villages and his prayer is that God would give him the strength to do this.

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