Pastor Augustus Gomes

Pastor Augustus Gomes
Wife: Anrelia Enfam Gomes
Son: Barnabi’ Fona Gomes
Son: Nathaniel Fona Gomes
Son: Josafa’ Fona Gomes
Daughter: Micaela Fona Gomes
Daughter: Gabriela Fona Gomes

Pastor “Fona” was born to an animist family in June of 1961. He was baptized in the Catholic Church and confirmed again in 1975.

In 1984 he immigrated to Dakar, Senegal. There he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior while attending an Assemblies of God Church. He was baptized in 1985 and went on to attend the Bible Institute of Dakar where he received his diploma in Theology in 1991.

In l993 he returned with his family to Guinea Bissau and in l994 started pastoring the Evangelical Church in Gabu. In 2003 he was elected president of the Regional Council for Eastern Guinea Bissau and still serves in that capacity.

From 2003 to 2005, he taught at the Evangelical Bible Institute while continuing to pastor his church. During this time, he planted a church in Pitche and started an outreach in Buruntuma. In 2005, he founded the “Good Samaritan School” in a village near Gabu while teaching advanced studies at the YWAM School. In his spare time, he has authored several books.

He currently suffers from a heart condition due to malnutrition. When told he should use some of his pastoral support money to feed himself, he said, “But you don’t understand. God has told me to spread the gospel and to plant churches. I have to do this.”

He calls himself, “A husband, a father, a pastor, a missionary, and a servant of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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