Pastor Antonia Vaz

Pastor Antonia Vaz

Wife – M’ Balia
Sons – Joseph, John, Pedro and Moses
Daughter – Alxina

Tony was born in Bissau, Guinea Bissau in January 1961, where he lived with his mother, brother and sisters. His father died while he was still a young child. In 1980, he left Guinea Bissau for Freetown, Sierra – Leone. His dream was to continue on to Spain in hopes of getting a good job. He was unable to get to Spain so he found work in Freetown.

In 1988, he started attending a Christian Church and also joined a home cell group that met near his house. There he accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and was baptized the same year.

In 1989, he started working for a YWAM couple from the United States as their gardener. He had the opportunity to attend Discipleship Training School at YWAM. Upon completion, he started teaching others. In 1992, he joined the YWAM staff.

In 1993 he felt that God was calling him back to Guinea Bissau to work among his own people. He left Freetown to return to Gabu, Buinea Bissau with his wife and three children. He stayed on the YWAM base there for 8 months and then left to work with a missionary in Sintchan – Butche, a village 37km from Gabu. He served there for 5 years doing evangelism, disciplesihip, and teaching adult literacy.

In 2000 he left to study theology at the Evangelical Bible Institue. He graduated in June 2005. He currently is the pastor at the Evangelical Church in Gabu, teaching at the E.B.T.O.L. Bible School, doing evangelistic outreach, and assisting Servants to Missions doing translation and finalcial book work.

His vision is Church planting, being a disciple for new converts to become mature Christians, and continuing to do evangelism using the Jesus film.

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