Monthly News Letter 1

Dear Pastor Ed, Family, Friends, and Prayer Partners,

Just received an email from John in Africa (he’s coming home in about two weeks) As you may know, Servants to Missions has become active in other African nations which are closed to the gospel. I just learned that a person in the underground network was caught and beaten until he divulged all that he knew about the activity and materials. So there are many Christians endangered right now. Please intercede for the underground church that all those who seek to kill and destroy would be thrown into confusion. Also pray for the protection of all those involved in spreading the Truth to their nations. Thanks you so much.

I am so embarrassed. Fortunately God is bigger than our goofs and works all things (even our mistakes) to the good. Last Fall Guinea Bissau was having elections. I asked all of you to pray for a Christian President. I later found out that only the Prime Minister’s position was up for election. Big oops! Now for the interesting part. God really did hear your prayers! The President was recently assassinated. Everyone initially thought it was a military coup but the nature of the killing resembled that of drug cartels. Gruesome! Apparently the President had been deeply involved in the massive drug traffic going through Guinea Bissau and he neglected to pay someone.. Huge amounts of money and drugs were found in his home and in military housing. Now according to the G.B. constitution, the Head of Parliament is next in line for the Presidency. The head of Parliament just “happened” to be Christian. So now we have both a Christian Prime Minister and CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT. God does answer prayer!

Another answer to your prayers. Last week the King of the Fulas and the regional Governor gave the go ahead to resume construction on Pastor Fona’s Church.

Many of you have expressed sadness that you are unable to do more for the work in Guinea Bissau. Never underestimate what God can do with what you are able to give. Thank you all so much for your prayers and faithfulness in what you are able to do. Here are just a couple of the many “Widow’s mite” examples that I hope will encourage you especially in these hard times:

(1) A women’s sorority gave a few bottles of prenatal vitamins. These “few” have saved many lives.

(2) Another small women’s group, along with some women scattered around the country have made, donated, or collected garage sale jewelry. Then they cleaned, repaired and packaged everything. I then took the jewelry to G.B. just before Christmas and gave it to Aissatu, our first Fula woman Evangelist, to sell for her ministry.

Encouraged by the donation, Aissatu used it to buy enough seed to plant about 10 acres. Having no land, she went to the Fula King and asked for some and was given a beautiful plot which all the Churches worked together to clear. Now the purpose of all this is to create a refuge and training center for new converts when they are kicked out by their families. Many, particularly the youth and elderly, face starvation when their families refuse to care for them. Aissatu envisions that they will be able to live there for two years, be discipled, and trained to grow sufficient food by Pastor Sylvain.

Please pray for a successful cashew harvest. Our Base has a small cashew orchard. John has given the crop on our base to Aissatu so that she can hire a tractor to till the land. John reports having to prop the limbs because they are so heavily loaded with ripening fruit! This is never happened before!

A lot is happening with present and former missionaries. Please pray for all these dedicated people.


Barb and Skeeter are on their way home

Judy Byers returns on May 24th

John is coming to the States as soon as he can get his plane ticket

Dan Healy is moving to Bissau where he will be doing research malaria treatment under the direction of a physician.

Tanya and Diego have arrived safely in Guinea Bissau.

I will be visiting this next week with Cindy Wieger, a former missionary to Guinea Bissau who is now serving the Native Americans in south Dakota along with her husband Fred..

You know you have been away from Africa too long when you start taking for granted smooth roads, side walks, neatly packaged and butchered meat, electricity, hot and cold running water…….well you get the picture.


Your Sister in Christ,

Rachel Hiskey

Servants to Missions

(208) 318-3708

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