Jocum YWAM School

Educating an Entire Nation

In 1990, Americans and Brazilians built the Youth With A Mission JOCUM School in the GUBU region of Guinea-Bissau. Today it provides for over 200 children and adults from 1st to 10th grades. Four sessions operate daily. The school operates by daylight, as there is no electricity for lights in Gabu. The students pay a stipend to attend and the teachers are now all nationals that are supported by the stipend and partners like you.

Government sponsored schools are frequently shut down as they have no money to pay teachers. This presents a problem for the YWAM School.

The school now operates after dark since STM donations provided solar lighting.

Buildings, funds and more teachers are necessary to provide further education for these children. Since very little education is provided in the eastern part of Guinea-Bissau, these students will surely become the future leaders of the country.

With over 600 villages outside of the cities in the Gabu region we have started village schools. A joint venture between the village and Servants to Missions. It starts with the village providing a temporary reed shelter for classes and agreeing to pay 40 cents per month per student. We provide a teacher and materials for the school. The village commits to build an adobe wall building as a permanent facility and we provide cement for a floor to be poured and tin for a roof.

Five village schools have started and each has about seventy students. Many more villages are requesting to be considered for the next school. A number have set aside land for development of their own school. Our task is to hire and train native Christian teachers to be planted and provide more floors and roofs.

Can you help? It costs about $1000.00 for the floor and roof of each school and $100 per month for each teacher. The cost of education for each student in the village is approximately $44 per year.
Christian Radio In the Eastern Region of Guinea-Bissau there are few televisions but many battery powered radios. The country has only 4 radio stations registered that broadcast programs. Please pray for us as we work to put a Christian Radio Station on the air. This evangelism project would speed the message of the Gospel in a country where most religious thought is controlled. We have applied for a license and it looks as if one will be issued shortly. We have been blessed with a low powered radio transmitter that we can get started with easily, however, God has a much greater vision.

Trans World Radio has offered to provide a high powered radio station and recording studio if we provide the facilities. We have already procured the land and started clearing. The next step will be to build a wall around the property. Additional plans are underway for the actual structures and environmental equipment.

With this facility we will be able to reach all of West Africa with Christian programming. If you can help in any way please contact us here at Servants to Missions. Your charity donation could help us to reach thousands who still have never heard about the life changing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ

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